Wednesday, February 08, 2006

February 8, 2006

Hello all who help disaster victims. I just returned from my second trip to Hancock County MS. I stayed again at the Charles Murphy School in Pearlington. The Red Cross is still serving food there. This time I was pleased to meet Jon White of Canada who was also visiting last week.

I was able to personally interview and videotape 9 families in the Pearlington or Bay St. Louis area who had received Water Missions International pump systems. All are now living in FEMA trailers next to their damaged or destroyed home. The water systems are doing fine so far. A few have started rebuilding even though their home is not high enough above sea level. Most are waiting for insurance payments or the insurance payment that has been received is way too small to cover the cost of rebuilding. Many faith based groups are still helping in the rebuilding process like the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

Thanks to volunteers Greg Wolfe of CBF of MS, Paul Eades of NC, Dave Novak of NY, Carol Bourlard of TN and Caby Byrne of TN for their help to videotape and locate installed pumps.

The effort is massive and ongoing but progress is being made although slowly. Bob Britts